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About MBH International

MBH is a highly respected corporation serving the complete inspection, coating blasting, project management,specification writing, NORM remediation, as well as equipment and supplies needed for major energy companies throughout the world. MBH has experience in working with top tier company’s such as BP, Alsea’s ,Apache, Chevron ,Elpaso , Global ,Horizon offshore ,JRay McDermott ,US DOD, Hess, Shell, Cameron.

Founded in 2007, MBH has continually upgraded its procedures while preparing for an exciting future. MBH has a dedicated, experienced staff to support our areas of expertise, well trained in technical and safety requirements necessary to ensure safe working conditions and to see that the projects are completed to the specification and the client satisfaction. MBH provides our team training and calibrated state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate and reliable results.




MBH can provide an individual inspector for a particular assignment, or provide inspection for all construction phases of a project. Our capabilities include providing construction management for an entire project.

MBH Operator Qualification (OQ) Program was adopted to comply with the Office of Pipeline Safety of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Qualification of Pipeline personnel (49 CFR 192 Subpart N and Part 195 Subpart G)

MBH adopted the API\COOQ’s Covered Task List and is committed to ensuring that it has

a qualified workforce and that its operations comply with the Federal pipeline safety regulations.

MBH International is capable of offering services that are in line with the rules and requirements of Det Norske VERITAS (DNV) such as navigational GMDSS and VDR annuals, International Maritime organization (IMO).

MBH’s personnel are highly qualified professionals who are very conscientious about their responsibility to represent the Company and the interests of our Clients.

MBH has experience in numerous projects involving:

 Pipelines (Onshore and Offshore)

 Process Plants

 Pump and Compressor Stations

 Liquids Handling and Pigging Facilities

 Terminals

 Tanks

 Rigs

 Platforms

 Barges

 Vessels

 Bridges


MBH provides experienced, professionals for all classifications of construction inspection, including but not limited to CWI, API 653,API 570 DNV. MBH is also willing to employee specific individuals that the client wishes to have provided through MBH, and the resumes of MBH inspection personnel are available for client review upon request.

In addition to having a large core group of inspection personnel who are employed by MBH on a continuous basis, MBH has an extensive database of available individuals to draw from. Individuals are thoroughly screened to assure their competence prior to any assignment being made. In addition, MBH assures that the physical condition of the inspector is such that it permits fulfillment of inspection duties.

MBH has taken a proactive position with regard to safety at the job place, and inspectors are aware of their responsibility to prevent situations that can cause an accident leading to personal injury or the destruction of property, or would violate state, local, or Federal codes and laws.

MBH works with facility owners and operators to design and implement cost efficient, comprehensive asset management programs. Senior operations managers are available to discuss your needs and assist with defining your scope of work.

•Internal Corrosion Inspections

•External Corrosion Inspections

•Integrity Management

•Quality Control / Quality Assurance

•Statutory Inspections

•Code Compliance Inspections

•Fitness-for-Service Evaluations

•Data Management

We provide the following core services for our clients:

 Operator Qualifications through Veriforce

 Operator Qualification through NCCER(AOC’s)

 Party Chief/ Chief Inspector

 Hydro testing

 Engineering and Bending of pipeline Installation and tie-ins

 API/NCCER Certified (abnormal Operating conditions)

 PMT-V3Pipeline maintenance Technician

 Pipeline construction manager

•American Petroleum Industry standards applied to:

API 510 Pressure vessel inspections

API 570 Piping inspections

API 653 Storage tank inspections

•American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards applied to:

ASME Pressure vessel and piping inspections

•ASNT American Society for Nondestructive Testing standards applied to:

AUT-- Automated Ultrasonic’s

EMAT-- Electromagnetic acoustic transducer

IRT--Infrared testing

LT--Leak testing

MFE--Magnetic flux exclusion

MT--Magnetic particle testing

PT--Liquid penetrate testing

RT--Radiographic testing

ATRT--Automated tangential radiography

RTR--Real time radiography

UT--Ultrasonic testing including long-range

PAUT--Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

VT--Visual testing

•AWS American Welding Society standards applied to:

Bridge inspection

Building inspection

 CWI - Certified Welding Inspections

•American Concrete Institute standards applied to:

ACI Concrete inspections

•Civil inspections

•Code compliance inspections

•Data analysis and management

•DOT mobile cargo tanker inspections

•Electrical inspections

•Field machining pipe beveling

•Film interpretation

•Fitness for purpose evaluations

•Metallurgical analysis

•Mobile/overhead crane inspections

•NACE International (formerly known as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers) standards applied to:

NACE Cathodic protection

NACE Coating inspections

•NICET National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies standards applied to:

Corrosion analysis

Corrosion investigations - internal and external

•Post-weld heat treatment

•Quality Assurance/Quality Control program management

•Regulatory inspections

•Risk-based inspection programs

•STI Steel Tank Institute standards applied to:

STI tank inspections

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